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Winters larder


With the dark mornings and evenings we can’t do much at the allotment now so it’s time to raid the winter larder. Normally we would have had a store of potatoes to see us through but disaster struck this year and we have nothing. Believe it or not I don’t think it was due to the wet summer I think it was the dry April/May that meant they did not get away strong enough and so by the time the rain came they just rotted in the ground. I was very upset when my husband suggested we would have to go to Morrisons for our potatoes this winter it’s just not the same!

We did do well with other veg though and have a good store of onions and pumkins. I tried Crown Prince squash this year as the mags said it tasted like butternut squash but was much easier to grow. They are a great plant to grow but you need alot of space. The tendrils grow across the soil like a triffid and take over the whole patch. I’m looking forward to trying Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s recipe for Roast Pumkin and Apple soup which I saw the other day on 3 good things. One thing growing your own veg does do is make you experiment with new recipes. I’ve got a great patch of Cavolo Nero Kale this year and always scouting for new recipe ideas for using that. Not sure about Hugh’s Kale and Chestnut pizza though!