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Just Chatting


It’s amazing what a difference the weather makes to my morning trip to the allotment. Yesterday it was throwing it down and so the girls got no attention at all as I just went through the motions and legged it home as quickly as I could. Today when it was dry and really mild I spent more time and love to feed the girls with corn on my hand. The old girls trust me now but the new ones aren’t so sure. Helga is the boldest but pecks like mad, Natasha just circles round me not daring to give it a go whilst Paris is nowhere to be seen! All the girls chat to each other when I let them out and all have a distinctive sound. I love Scabbers she has a very musical chat, particularly when you give her corn it always sounds so cheerful. Natasha and Helga sound much more ‘Russian’ and can really give you grief demanding their breakfast. Poor old Blue is in full moult at the moment and looks shocking. They lose lots of feathers and almost shrink before your eyes. It seems such a crazy time of the year to go through this process but they don’t all do it every year and some only lose a few feathers. Blue though seems to be doing a thorough job this year and there are piles of feathers in the cage every morning. They look even worse when the new feathers start to come through as they are just spikes to start with before the feather emerges. It is a good job no-one except other chicken keepers see them like this or they would think they were not being looked after. It stops the chicken from laying too another reason for the drop of of egg production in the winter but Natasha and Helga are laying most days to make up for it.