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l love weekends because it is the only time I get to see the allotment in daylight at this time of year. It was also so nice today after the freezing conditions yesterday when I put my foot on the brakes and sailed past the turning into the allotment. Weekends give us time to check on the plot and make sure the girls are all well. I also gave their hut a good clean out with sterilising fluid as I could leave it open to dry out. Scabbers is a bit off colour at the moment but still came out with the others for a forage, hopefully it’s nothing serious. Poorly chickens are a nightmare as it is so difficult knowing what to do. I’ve taken some to the vets in my time and managed to nurse a few through but it doesn’t always end that way. I use a herbal tonic at times like this to try and give them a bit of help and just cross my fingers. Although there is not a lot growing in the allotment we still make sure we remove all the yellowing leaves from the brussel sprouts and other brassicas every week to keep diseases at bay. Other than that it’s just a case of dreaming of things to come and enjoying being out in the fresh air.