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Bramham Blogs

Accidents and Escaped Chickens


When my husband went to the allotment last night to shut the girls up he found Lottie tormenting an escapee chicken so he picked her up and put her in our spare cage for the night. When I got up there this morning and tried to catch it to take to the other allotment holders to see who owned it it got a real fright. The noise a chicken makes when being caught is deafening. I remember once having to catch one of our new chickens and within a few minutes of her screaming a red kite was flying over head to see what had died! The problem this morning was that the noise obviously freaked our poor girls out as they wouldn’t come out at all. The chicken a young male was returned to it’s rightful owner and I had to leave the girls to come round.

Just as I was about to leave though I heard a massive crunch which could only be one thing a car had hit something. The men at the allotment were off to offer their help and it looked like some poor person had gone straight on at the T-junction straight into the barrier. Those roads are deceptively slippy this morning.