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Resident Robin


Very cold this morning with a hard frost to sweeten the brussel sprouts and parsnips ready for Christmas dinner. We have started to harvest the brussels and take a stalk home every week. They are so easy to grow though we spent many an hour picking off the caterpillars this year. There were the usual cabbage white plain green ones and another sort which I have not noticed before. Every year we cover the sprouts with mesh but somehow the butterflies still manage to get in and lay their eggs. They do most damage to the leaves and if we pick them off religously most of them have gone by the time the sprouts start to develop and therefore don’t ruin them. Despite our efforts we know we never manage to get all the catepillars so hopefully some still make it to the butterfly stage to keep us busy again next year.

The resident robin was obviously feeling the cold this morning too as he was demanding his breakfast as soon as I arrived even though it was still dark. We have the top of an old broken bird table nailed on to the fence and add dried mealworms to the diet at this time of year to help the birds through the winter, the girls often get a few too and they go mad for them.