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Bramham Blogs

The Girls


Image: The Allotment, Bramham

I thought it would be nice to start my blog with an introduction to the main stars of my blog and the reason for my daily early morning trip to my allotment, my girls.

We started with an allotment in Bramham 4yrs ago and soon after added some chickens which another allotment holder kindly gave us. When we got these the older chicken keepers didn’t think having names was the done thing so in keeping with true allotment life they stayed nameless. All well and good but when I wanted to tell a story to the husband on returning in the morning I had to identify them. Only one of these is still with us and as a consequence has the endearing name of ‘Red’ she is a standard commercial breed know in the industry as an ISA brown. She is no longer laying but is such a sweet friendly chicken definitely my favorite. Others have joined her along the way as we replace those we lose and we also have ‘Blue’ a bluebell, ‘Scabbers’ a rescued battery chicken who arrived with no feathers, ‘Helga’ and ‘Natasha’ two very large marans and ‘Paris’ a welsomer. As you will see we now give them proper names as they really have become part of the family over the years. The other girl I have to introduce is ‘Lottie’ my namesake she is our adopted allotment cat who appeared one day pregnant and decided to stay with us. She unfortunately lost the kittens at some point but we had her spayed courtesy of the Leeds Cat Rescue society and she lives in the next door neighbours shed popping over to see me every morning for breakfast. So now you know the characters in my blog and hopefully will enjoy being up there with me every morning as the seasons change.