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Leeds Festival

Information about Leeds Festival Resident Tickets


Collection of Leeds Festival Tickets...

The full allocation of Leeds Festival Tickets has now been completed. There is a waiting list and when any tickets become available, residents on that list will be contacted by the organising committee.Tickets will not be posted or delivered to residents. They MUST be collected from the Pavilion at one of the stipulated times listed below. Any tickets not collected will be offered to those residents still on the waiting list.

Collection Times

Sunday August 20 4-6pm

Monday August 21 6-8pm

Tuesday August 22 6-8pm

Ticket Collection:

Only one resident per application is needed to collect all the household tickets

Tickets will be distributed in alphabetical order, from labelled desks and will be signed for by the resident.

Residents will need the yellow receipt and proof of their identity. (Passport/driving licence as will be needed for Leeds Festival)

Any tickets not collected at these times will be offered to those residents still on the waiting list.

New Arrangements for 2017...

The organisers of Leeds Festival, Festival Republic, have been working hard to develop traffic management plans which aim to increase safety, ease congestion around and through local villages including Bramham, minimise disruption and also ensure the safety of the festival goers and residents. The traffic plan has been overhauled and improved significantly since last year.

Following discussions and consultations with both West Yorkshire Police, Bramham Parish Council, Leeds City Council and all other relevant agencies, they will be implementing the below changes:

➢ The A64 one way road closure on the Thursday has been removed and will be implemented on the Sunday evening/Monday instead for 2017.

➢ Purple Gate – the NEW location of the Resident & Guest box office, situated off Thorner Road, and much closer for Bramham residents. The resident car park will also be accessible via the new ‘Purple Gate’. Only Thorner Residents will continue to park near Yellow Gate, where the taxi rank will also be located. Any guest ticket holders will be able to pre book a taxi inside Purple Gate should they wish to do so.

➢ Yellow Gate – will now just be used as the public bus/coach station. By removing the guests and non Thorner residents from the vicinity of Yellow Gate this will alleviate the number of pedestrians waiting to be picked up or walking on Bramham Road by Nova Scotia Farm and on to Thorner, which caused serious safety concerns in 2016.

➢ A total road closure through Thorner Village – taxis and other festival traffic using routes through Thorner has been an ongoing issue, to a greater or lesser degree, since the festival began at Bramham Park in 2003. With the support of Thorner, having lawful road closures in place means that Festival Republic can now try to prevent taxis and any non-resident vehicles travelling to the festival site via Thorner.

For anyone working in Thorner or needing to access local businesses, they will be allowed through the closure without a pass, although they will be stopped and questioned, and if legitimate will be allowed through. But, if it is obvious to the traffic marshals that they are attending the festival and simply trying to circumvent the closures, then they will turned away.

Whilst we will accommodate Bramham residents who choose to drive to site, we would encourage all residents not to walk to, and from, the festival. There is no pedestrian access to and from Leeds Festival. Please do not walk to the festival, due to safety concerns and, instead, use the regular shuttle bus provided which will run between the pick up point at the bus stop outside the Red Lion and the Purple Gate. Residents will be issued with wrist bands to prevent non residents using the shuttle bus.

This proposal from Festival Republic has support from Bramham Parish Council and is fully supported by West Yorkshire Police. We hope you welcome the proposed changes and hope you enjoy Leeds Festival if you are attending this summer.

Further information for those attending will follow in next month’s newsletter and on this website page